Poems by Ana Rossetti plus a poem by María Victoria Atencia
Rhapsoda Ana Rossetti
Composer Silvia Olivero Anarte
Elena Garrido soprano
Julia Merino mezzo-soprano 
Malaga Symphony Orchestra Ensemble

Pianist José Carra
Conductor José Luis López Antón

Ciudades revisitadas, from Apuntes de ciudades, Plaza de la Marina, 1990
Sazón, by María Victoria Atencia

1.00 h (w/out intermission)
photo ©Jose Antonio Alba ©Sergio Lardiez ©Meis Abal ©Saray Ramos

“I was asked to write eight poems for music that did not yet exist. It was impossible for me to know what poems from my collections would be best to set to music; only the composer Silvia Olivero could tell me. Nonetheless, the challenge is definitely for her. I decided to revisit my booklet Apuntes de ciudades [City Notes], Plaza de la Marina, 1990, and I redid them for this occasion. As the poems were related to each other, the concert would be less disconcerting. I also had to choose a poem by another author. I immediately thought of my very much admired María Victoria Atencia, but I had the same dilemma; I preferred to send Silvia Olivero a brief selection so that at least in this case she would have greater freedom. She chose Sazón. I was satisfied because it is on the same wave length as my cities and it is perfect to end with.
I am infinitely grateful for this experience, which has me looking forward to the 9th of December with such excitement.  I have not followed Silvia’s process, so the music will be a gift which the audience and I will unwrap together. Let us enjoy the emotion of discovering.” Ana Rossetti

The series Metalírica explores one of the most ancient and fertile collaborations between the artistic manifestations of music and poetry. Two forms of expression destined to get along since their origins, and whose paths continue to be closely intertwined, as they were in ancient Greece when the aiodos recited their verses accompanied by a lyre. Three poets and three composers will be the protagonists of performances in which the recited word, the voice of the rhapsodist and the words sung will coexist in a dialogue which, we hope, will be revealing.
An ambitious project that combines young talent and renowned artists of prestige, in which the verses of the poets will unfold new wings with compositions created specifically for the occasion, with a firm commitment to contemporary musical creation. A select instrumental chamber group and emerging vocalists of the Malaga lyric scene will be in charge of the performance, reaffirming Teatro Cervantes’ commitment to new local lyric talent.

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