La cantera


Álvaro Lafuente 'Guitarrica' spanish guitar and voice
Enrique Sacristán spanish and electric guitars and back vocals
Víctor Hernández electronic percussion and drums
Alejandro Hernández keyboards and bandurria
Belén Vidal double bass and square tambourine

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

La cantera, Guitarricadelafuente’s first album, contains the pure essence of a special artist who possesses a peculiar, seductive talent. His extreme originality has converted him into one of the most promising talents of the moment. The album recalls his origins, with the song “Ahi viene la cantera” [There comes the young blood], which is how the older people of his village, Cuevas de Cañart (Teruel), saluted youngsters as they passed. La cantera represents the generational replacement of youth, “like a spark that you’ve always had inside and that ignites and is kept alive, like a story about boys who embrace their origins and are proud of them”, explains Álvaro Lafuente, the artist behind Guitarrica. This is the reinvention of a mythical place that he addresses together with the producer Raül Refree (Rosalía, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Rodrigo Cuevas…). Together they discover the enormous possibilities of songs that explore different paths without ever losing the link to tradition as conceived by the artist.
Alvaro himself is surprised by the result: “It’s like reaching a point which I aimed for to understand what I wanted to do, and I cannot deny that I myself am amazed.”

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