… porque una Burbuja nunca fue suficiente
[Double bubble… because one Bubble was never enough]

7 Burbujas
Performers Israel and Esther Muñoz
Choreography Olga Martinez Yuste
Stage direction Israel Muñoz

1.00 h (w/out intermission) Clown and soap bubbles. From 5 years

Double bubble is the second part of Burbuja, a crazy soap bubble comedy. Once again the audience is the main character in this search for happiness. A production with new images and textures for dramatic play, because one Bubble was never enough. Because a bubble is worth more than a thousand words and, even if it disappears, we can keep its beauty and magic in our memory forever.
“Following the success of Bubble we knew that there was still a lot to research and to do, which is why we are presenting the second proposal of a trilogy of soap bubbles and theatrical play. A style with its own identity after a journey of 25 years.” 7 Burbujas

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