[The lighthouse of colours]
Ñas Teatro
Script and original idea Ñas Teatro
Performers-handlers Paula Portilla and Manolo Carretero
Puppets Anselmo Siesto
Musicalization Pato Frank

55 min (w/out intermission) Puppet and actor theater. From 4 years

photo ©Naty Torrelaguna

According to an old legend, in a far-away island there was a marvellous lighthouse whose light would go out, but no one knew why. Carried away by her imagination, the protagonist of this story takes off on a voyage full of adventures, during which she will have to deal with her emotions of fear, anger, happiness, sadness, … Real characters mix with others that are not real, in a colourful staging where we will discover the greatest treasure in the world: to know oneself.
The company Ñas Teatro from Madrid is devoted to the creation, production and performance of shows geared at families, with children, including the youngest. Founded 16 years ago, it has participated in national and international theatre series and festivals.
El faro de colores was included in the programme of the 2019/2020 Theatrical Circuit of Castilla y Leon, and of the  2019/2020 Theatre Network of the Community of Madrid. It has participated in different festivals, including La Fanfarria in Medellín-Colombia, Titiricantos, Titiriqueca and the Puppet Festival in the Parque del Retiro in Madrid.

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