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Colectivo Fango
With Angela Boix, Fabia Castro, Trigo Gómez, Rafuska Marks and Manuel Minaya 
Stage direction Camilo Vasquez

1.15 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Danilo Moroni
 Hand programme (ESP) 

A group of friends that gets together to eat and drink ends up with a kind of “common pact” that carries them back to a fundamental primeval state. The language they speak is no longer useful; their manner of being with each other and with others acquires new meaning…and from this void their bodies practice a new  and at the same time old convention The initial space of the encounter is thus transformed into a sacred space, into a non-place for communion. Tribu is a rite, an invocation of energy and a shared desire for connection.
Fango is an interdisciplinary group founded in 2016 in Madrid, governed by the permanent search for human and artistic identity. In this piece they look into social connection from the perspective of our tribal nature. What is it that generates in us the incapacity to connect with others and with the world? What are the benefits of the group in our lives? What instincts are activated in us when we feel part of a group?

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