T&T Creaciones
Author Paco Bernal
With Jose Carlos Cuevas, David Mena and Adriana Cura
Stage direction Pedro Hofhuis

1.10 h (w/out intermission)

Hand programme (ESP)

Aguirre is the story of a crazy rebel; a tragic hero and a tyrant; executioner and liberator. Lope de Aguirre is the fury of god challenging Felipe II lost in the Amazon. It is a descent into hell. Aguirre is the sickened and visible face of the conquest of America, where ambition for power, gold and liberty generated a social disease of which the worst symptom was to make many men go crazy because of their obsessions.
T&T Creaciones is a project created by Sergio Rubio and Pedro Hofhuis, whose productions are based on artistic quality, a firm social commitment and support of contemporary Andalusian authors. An exciting project, endorsed by the career and awards of its creators, with  Aguirre as their starting point.

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