Sol Picó Compañía de Danza


Author, stage direction and performer Sol Picó
Composition and musical direction Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou (Telemann Rec.)
Texts Cristina Morales, Francisco Casavella y Heinrich Böll
A coproduction of Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Dansa Quinzena Metropolitana and Companyia Sol Picó

1.00 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Erin Bassa ©Joan Carles ©May Zircus

Malditas plumas covers different episodes of the life of a showgirl of Barcelona’s Avenida del Paralelo in a journey that advances between tenderness and decadence. She shares her story and her recollections, experiences, and life lessons with the audience… or perhaps these never existed and instead are her unfulfilled dreams, goals and wishes? The story is  one great delusion which transports us to a concrete place and time, and at the same time connects us with the most human and universal feelings: fear of death, of deterioration, of loss… of disappearing.  
Malditas plumas plays with transformation, interaction with the audience and the mix-up between fiction and reality, with the irony and humour that characterise the language of Sol Picó.
Sol Picó is one of the most heterodox and recognised choreographers and dancers of the contemporary dance world. She has won ten Max awards, the 2004 National Dance Award of Catalonia, the 2016 National Dance Award for Creation and the 2019 Valencian Performing Arts Award for Best Dance Direction, amongst others.

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