La Estampida
Dramaturgy and stage direction Jose Troncoso
Performers Belen Ponce de Leon and Alicia Rodriguez
Original music Mariano Marin

1.20 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Susana Martín

Raquel will be so unlucky as to have the whole school find out why she arrived at the high school in the middle of the school year… And she’ll be ostracised, having to sit next to Juana in all her classes. And Juana and Raquel won’t be called Juana and Raquel anymore; they’ll be “‘Four Eyes’ and ‘Boobs’.
Fed up with feeling bad, they decide to run away to the fair. They are also entitled  to have a good time, aren’t they?
But they lose control of the fair, of the night and their wish to have fun; the invisible Ferris wheel that had carried them so high has left them back at ground level, or even lower.
Following that night, they won’t see each other for many years. And then one day, they may meet for coffee and laugh for being together again. They are no longer the same, although they still are, and will be forever, the girls they once were in that high school. 
The shows of La Estampida always focus on “those who are invisible”, persons whose lives would not seem of interest, building characters and situations to bring them on stage. In 2020 the company won the Ojo Crítico de Teatro award given by RTVE, “for inspiring itself on an existentialist tradition of Andalusian theatre as well as on physical European theatre.”

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