Naked truth


Avishai Cohen trumpet
Yonathan Avishai piano
Barak Mori double bass
Ziv Ravitz drums

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Caterina Di Perri ©Sam Harfouche / ECM Records

Always looking forward: that is how the career of this risky Israeli musician living in New York has unfolded for over more than two decades. Defying the limits of genres. Starting with the post-bop and twisting the boundaries of contemporary jazz whilst sounding out the avant-garde, klezmer music and improvisation, as revealed in the magnetic Naked truth (2022), his last album/ and the fifth published with Mandred Eicher’s emblematic label ECM. Avishai himself describes this minimalist project as “the result of a two-year meditation, during which there were many questions. As I questioned what I wanted to say with music, what I need to say, the process also reflected a personal and emotional journey.”
With a trio or quartet format, and always with the sound of his trumpet as distinguishing feature, marked by the influence of Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman. His music is deeply evocative, random, in perpetual search of beauty where few dare to look for it: an extraordinary experience.

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