o… No dar puntada sin hilo


[The brave little seamstress or…There is no such thing as a free lunch]
Xarop Teatre
Dramaturgy Carles Benlliure Bou on the original by Hermanos Grimm
Performers Rebeca Castro Pinzón, Carles Benlliure, Juanma Picazo and Ruth Doménech
Puppet design and illustration Eugenia Susel
Puppets Rebeca Castro (LAPinzón)
Original music Ricardo Belda and Arantxa Domínguez
Direction Carles Benlliure Bou and Eugenio Navarro

50 min (w/out intermission) Puppets theatre. From 3 years

photo ©Enrique Escorza

A brave little seamstress finished seven off with just one blow and decided that the whole world should know of her exploit, so she started to travel. People said that they were seven elephants, seven monsters…On acknowledging that she was a powerful fighter, they asked her to free a region from a giant and a terrible unicorn that terrorised its inhabitants. With her intelligence, she overcame the challenges and won the best of recompenses…although it was not what everyone thought.   
This free version has a different twist to the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale. It highlights the difficulty of growing up in precarious times, gives visibility to women’s trades that received little or no recognition throughout history and promotes the normalised equality of persons and genders.
Since it was founded in Castellón in 1992, Xarop Teatre has worked on projects to promote a professional and quality culture of theatre, exploring innovative languages and proposals based on both universal content and particular expressions. Its current repertoire comprises nineteen puppet and object shows, itinerant street theatre and sensory and audiovisual theatre.

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